Nesting Nests

Since the last time I posted about these, I’ve made three more nests to make a, er, nesting set of nests for the Australian bushfire recovery effort.

A crocheted nest sits against a white background. The base and first two rounds of the sides are orange, and the rest of the sides are purple.

This blue one is the most recent one.

A blue crocheted nest sits against a white background.

This orange one is the largest, and if there weren’t animals that needed it, it could be used as a storage basket!

An orange nest sits against a white background, filled with yarn, a crocheted hook roll, and a small yellow pouch holding stitch markers.

They all nest inside each other, which makes transportation very easy.

Five crocheted nests, well, nest inside each other. The angle is overhead, so they all form concentric circles inside the large orange one.
The five nests sit in a row from biggest to smallest, left to right. Sarah stands on the left, next to the large orange nest, and BB-8 is next to the smallest pink nest on the right.

And all of them, biggest to smallest. It was a bit tight fitting them all in front of my backdrops!

I’ll put the link to places you can donate here again, if you wish to help out. Onto the next batch! I hope I have enough yarn…….

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Nesting Nests

  1. I love these little nests and I am sure some little animals will too – for them, one of your nests could be the difference between life and death- well done 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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