Plant Life

I saw a tutorial video while browsing YouTube recently and thought, I must do that immediately. So, I did.

Three paper houseplants sit against a white brick background. In the centre is a monstera, and the other two are spiderplants.

This spider plant is Sarah’s – hence the colourful pot she decorated herself.

Close-up of one of the spiderplants. Its pot is striped with green, blue, white, and pink.

I think these monstera leaves might be a little large for the size of pot they’re growing in… Oops! Maybe they have magical fertilizer or something.

The monstera plant sits on a stool next to Sarah. who is examining one of its leaves.

Sarah’s plant lives on the dining table at the moment.

Sarah sits at her dining table, looking at her spiderplant. It sits in the middle of the table, against the wall.
Sarah waters the other spiderplant with a drinking glass of water. It and the monstera sit side-by-side on the dining room table.

I do plan on decorating the pots of the other spider plant and the monstera, but that will be done once I know where they’re going in the mini-verse. For now, they’ll live with Sarah, so long as she doesn’t get attached….

Anyways, see ya!


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