Pizza Party

“Oh, looks like it’s about to rain. Better get inside before these boxes get wet!”

Sarah stands outside Needle & Thread holding three white pizza boxes in her arms. She looks up at the sky, a bit worried.

And what do those boxes contain? Pizza!

The three pizza boxes sit open on a wood parquet background. On the left is a ham and pineapple, the centre vegetarian, and the right a supreme pizza.

Left to right, we have Hawaiian, vegetarian and supreme pizzas.

Close-up shot of the ham & pineapple pizza from the side, so the 3-D-ness of the toppings are visible. The pizza is on a plate, and sits on a wood parquet background.

I’m very happy with all the toppings, as some of them were very fiddly!

Sarah sits on her couch, one hand holding a plate and the other lifting a slice of vegetarian pizza from the box. The box sits on a small white side table near the couch. The image is taken from above.

“No, BB-8, you can’t have pizza.”

Sarah leans back on her couch, pizza being held over her plate. She is looking at BB-8, who is at her feet staring intensely at the slice.

I may put a logo of some sort on the boxes, if I decide to make a pizza stand/delivery service in the mini-verse. For now, though, they’ll just stay white. I’m pretty happy with them, too, they fold exactly like a real pizza box.

Anyways, see ya!


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