Project Roundup

As I have limited space to store my miniature sets, I plan to re-make the Diagon Alley shops so they can store their own furniture inside. In the process, they’ll be getting a makeover, and first in line is the old Three Broomsticks.

A cereal box sits on a protective mat, covered in dark wood-printed paper. Across the top is a black strip with 'Tea at Yaz's' written on it in gold. Underneath it to the left is a rectangle of red paper.

As you can see, its new owners have renamed it to Tea at Yaz’s.

The wood-covered cereal box looks more like a shopfront now. The red rectangle is surrounded by gold trim, and next to it is a door. The door is also dark wood with a yellow window in the top, and is also surrounded by gold trim.

Above is the (pretty much done) front of the store. I haven’t made much progress elsewhere, as rainy weather means glue doesn’t dry. 😦

Sarah stands in front of a white brick background, looking at the camera. She wears a grey shirt tucked into a pair of denim shorts. One hand is in a pocket of the shorts.

While it’s been raining, I’ve remade Sarah’s denim shorts, as the old ones were just… not their best any more. These new ones have more stitch detailing, and working pockets!

Side-on shot of the denim shorts, highlighting the pocket. The edge is curved in the style of denim jeans' pockets.

I’m also starting a new hoop!

An embroidery hoop sits on a white background, filled with grey cotton.
The design for the hoop, clearly hand-drawn. The phrase 'laugh hard; run fast; be kind' is written in dark blue cursive in the centre. Surrounding it are various objects symbolic of the Thirteenth Doctor, including black and bronze steampunk goggles, a daffodil head, a black and gold bow tie, a rainbow-striped scarf, two custard cream biscuits, a pair of shaking hands, and eight silver stars.

It’s an amalgamation of good advice from the 12th Doctor, and a bunch of little calls to various 13th Doctor moments throughout seasons 11 and 12. This should be fun!

Anyways, see ya!


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