Getting Started

Sarah’s made a trip to Flourish & Blotts today, not to add to her collection of novels, unfortunately….

Sarah is walking outside Flourish & Blotts with a hand on her brown satchel. BB-8 rolls beside her, as they move towards the camera.

….but to get textbooks. (And one fun book about astronomy. S: It’s a stowaway, shh.)

Three miniature textbooks sit on a wood parquet background. Left to right: 'Running Ethical Businesses', 3rd edition; 'Programming Alongside Magic: A Student Guide'; and 'Astronomy: Your Guide to Seeing the Stars'.

I’ve also made some notebooks, ready to be filled with notes; I made six different colours, so I’ve got a few spares just in case.

Six notebooks sit on a wood parquet background. They are various shades of blue, purple, green, and yellow. Three are labelled with different subjects. Two textbooks are above the notebooks for scale.
Two of the textbooks are on Sarah's bedroom desk, next to her pencil case. Sarah's hand rests on top of the textbooks.
Sarah writes in one of the notebooks at her bedroom desk. Her pencil case and her other two subject notebooks are also on the desk.
Image shows Sarah's freshly cleaned-out desk. On the desk is the notebooks, her pencil case, a potted plant, and her laptop. On shelves under the desk are two textbooks, a ruler, a pincushion, balls of yarn, and a knitting project.

The beginning of the semester has necessitated a desk clean-out – lots of the stuff there wasn’t really used anymore. The noticeboard is the next job – not a big job, but it still needs doing. A diary would also be helpful, come to think of it…..

Anyways, see ya!


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