Flowers & Bow Ties & Scarves

….are what I’ve been embroidering recently on my 13th Doctor hoop.


After extensive research, I figured out that the flower from series 11 episode 6 is likely a daffodil, hence the asymmetrical centre of the flower.


I was originally going to do French knots for the gold dots on the bow tie, but then I came up with weaving the metallic thread through the black satin stitch, which works wonderfully!


You can see it up close here, I reckon it’s really effective! And much less work than French knots with metallic thread.



Above is where I’m at now, and I’m currently working out how to put tassels on the ends of the scarf. I’m also tossing up whether to put the neon pink stripe in…. I’m leaning towards yes!

Anyways, see ya!


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