Happy Easter!

Sarah’s been busy painting eggs all morning to give to her friends at their Easter picnic.

Sarah at her kitchen island, painting eggs in bright colours. A basket of eggs is on her left, and painting supplies are laid out.
Shot from above of the previous scene. One hand holds a blue egg, and the other holds a paintbrush in a cup of water.

“Right, have I got the chocolate eggs and the painted eggs? Yes, excellent.”

Sarah stands in her kitchen, purple tote bag on the island. She reaches in to check she has everything she needs. BB-8 is beside her with bunny ears on.

“Alright, you ready BB-8? Is there anything else I need? Don’t think so, good.”

Sarah walks out of the kitchen, tote bag over one shoulder. She's looking over her shoulder at BB-8, who rolls beside her.

“Let’s go!”

BB-8 sits in front of a pink background, wearing bunny ears. A plastic chick is beside him, as well as a basket of painted eggs. The words 'Happy Easter!' are to the top left, surrounded by egg graphics.

Happy Easter!

See ya!


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