Happy Easter!

Remember last year, when Sarah painted eggs for her friends? Well, they were so popular, that this year, she’s organised an egg-painting party!

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra stand in Sarah's kitchen. Sarah is behind the island, hand on the handle of a basket of plain eggs. Tiffany is to the left, hands clasped, talking to Sarah. Petra is to the right, looking past Tiffany to the table.

T: “Oh, the table looks so good!” P: “It really does,” S: “Thanks!

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra are around Sarah's dining table. Tiffany stands behind a seat, and Sarah holds the basket of eggs at the top of the table. Petra is gesturing to the table, which is full of neatly-laid-out painting supplies.

S: “Ok, here are the eggs, where should I put them so everyone can reach?” P: “Maybe in the centre, or we can just pass them down,” S: “Good idea!

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra sit around Sarah's dining room table. Tiffany is gesturing, explaining an egg design to Sarah and Petra, who are paused mid-painting and listening intently.

T: “Ok, I have big ideas for the decorations on this one…

Happy Easter! I hope both your company and chocolate is good ๐Ÿ™‚

See ya!


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