Project Roundup

First, a quick project – this was my desk pin tin and pincushion, and it had had this ugly, yellow sponge on the top for a while.

A blue pin tin with a clear plastic lid sits on a white brick background. On top is a yellow circular sponge with needles and pins stuck in it.

Half an hour later, and I’ve switched the sponge out with a nice, blue pincushion, stuffed with various fabric scraps I found in my bin.

The same blue pin tin from last image, but instead of a yellow sponge in the centre is a circle of blue floral fabric, stuffed in a dome.

I think that looks much better! A vast improvement for a half hour’s work.

The blue pin tin, with clear lid and blue floral pincushion, sits on a white brick background. There are two needles stuck in it.
A fabric doll pattern is laid out on a wood parquet background. A reel of thread in pale brown and a knitted pink jumper are next to the pattern pieces.

I’m also making the first proper fabric doll! She’ll be one of Sarah’s friends, and above is an assemblage of things that hint at what she’ll be like. I’m excited to introduce her!

Anyways, see ya!


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