Drinks & Lanterns

Two more details were added to Tea at Yaz’s, first is this simple drinks menu:

A drinks menu is on the wall of Tea at Yaz's, near the coffee machine. It lists the different drinks available, with their prices.

As well as lanterns, for the tables:

A gold four-sided lantern sits on Tea at Yaz's window booth's table. A candle is inside, unlit, and a ring on top flops over.

I made two square ones and a pentagonal one, all with little rings on top for holding or hanging. (The two lying-down rings don’t actually move, unfortunately!)

Three gold lanterns sit in front of a white brick background. A pentagonal one is on the far left, next to two square ones. One of the square ones has a ring that stands up. All three have candles inside.

They’ve each got a little candle inside , which I reckon is a great detail!

Close-up of the pentagonal lantern's candle, through one of the windows in the side.

The square lantern with the upright ring can actually be held or hung on a hook.

Petra and Sarah stand outside Tea at Yaz's, both rugged up warm. Sarah's holding one of the square lanterns, and has her bag and Chip with her. She and Petra are discussing something.

Perfect for travelling home late!

Close-up of the square lantern Sarah's holding. The candle inside looks like it's lit.

That’s the interior of Tea at Yaz’s done, unless I think of something else! Final area to do is the courtyard, which I’d better get started on….

Anyways, see ya!


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