What’ll It Be?

I got two more Tea at Yaz’s details made, starting with a pair of aprons for waitstaff!

Petra stands against a white brick background, hands on her hips and looking at the camera. She wears a pale pink apron with a front pocket and a sliding buckle on the neck strap.

Both aprons have a working pocket and an adjustable neck strap, which I’m very happy with.

The pink apron sits on a white brick background.

That pocket is a great place to pop some table menus if your hands are full!

Close-up of the pocket of the apron, which Petra is wearing. Three Tea at Yaz's table menus are inside, and Petra's hand holds the top one.

The text describes actual meals served, as well as proper information about ordering Tea at Yaz’s takeout on the back.

Three Tea at Yaz's menus are on a white brick background. Left to right, they show the cover, the middle (with lists and prices for al the food served), and the back (which has the drinks menu and takeout ordering policies).

I made six of them, so there should be enough to go around!

Six menus are stacked on top of the coffee machine at Tea at Yaz's. They are next to three tea boxes, and Petra grabs the top menu.
Petra walks away from the counter, holding three table menus and smiling at the camera.

Whoop – Petra’s spotted some customers just sitting down. Lunch hour’s busy today! I want to make one more thing for the interior of Tea at Yaz’s, then we’ll move to the courtyard.

Anyways, see ya!


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