Flower Pots

Without flowers….

Three large yellow crocheted flower pots sit against a white brick background. They have crocheted greenery sewn on top, with some yarn ends sticking out.

….and with flowers! These big pots are the last element I need for Tea at Yaz’s courtyard (for now).

The three yellow pots sit in Tea at Yaz's courtyard. The left one has blue flowers, the middle one has hot pink flowers, and the right one has orange-yellow flowers.

There’s bougainvillea in the bottom pot, the blue flowers are oleias flowers, and I haven’t thought of a name for the yellow-orange flowers yet.

Aerial shot of the three pots, with the flowers and greenery shown in detail. The background is cobblestones.

The oleias flowers are used to treat minor skin-level injuries, and they bloom from spring to autumn.

Petra has the pot with orange-yellow flowers on the table in the courtyard. She's examining the leaves and flowers, seated at the table.

Petra’s very proud! She nurtures her plants from seed, which is a lot of work for summer-blooming flowers in the middle of winter.

Petra stands in the courtyard, arms spread wide in a 'ta-daaa!' gesture, looking at the camera. Around her are the hanging baskets, and the five pots on the ground. The table and chairs are behind her.

Here’s the courtyard, all done!

Petra stands in the courtyard next to some of her plants. Her arms are crossed against the chill, and she's looking up at the sky.

….And now we might head inside, because it is freezing! P: “I reckon it’s going to snow soon.” Really? “Definitely in the next week, though hopefully before the winter festival.

Anyways, see ya!


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