Old/New Bag

Sarah’s old leather bag has started to crack, so she was in need of a bag that would last, which was a quick in-between project!

Sarah stands in front of a white brick background. She has a brown fabric bag over her shoulder, which she's pulling around to the front for the camera. She's looking down at the bag.

I reused the front buckle from the old leather bag, and I added a buckle on the strap….

The brown bag sits on a white brick background. It has a large flap over the opening, held in place with a sliding buckle. It also has a strap with a sliding buckle, which attaches on the sides of the bag with D-rings.

….and D-rings on the sides.

Close-up of the side of the bag, as it's over Sarah's shoulder. The silver D-rings are visible, sewn onto the side with a strip of brown ribbon.

This bag is also lined, which I am immensely proud of! It took a lot of confused pinning and flipping inside-out to get this right.

Sarah holds the bag open, as it's over her shoulder. The inside of the bag (and flap) is lined with purple batik fabric.
Sarah walks past Tea at Yaz's with Petra, though the image focuses on the brown bag over Sarah's shoulder. Sarah is gesturing, explaining something.
Sarah stands outside Needle & Thread, looking left and holding one strap of her bag.

I also really like the D-rings, they’re a nice little detail in a place that gets seen quite a bit. Of course, Sarah’s also really happy with it – there’s plenty of room to fit everything inside, and “it’s lined!

Anyways, see ya!


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