Touring Tea at Yaz’s

Hey guys! It’s Petra here! I’m guest-writing this post today, because my family’s restaurant, Tea at Yaz’s, is open! I wanted to give you guys a tour, so come along!


Alright, when you come in the door, this is what you see first; the counter. I’m behind here a lot because I’m the best barista in the family.


This is what all our booths look like, though this one is my favourite, because it’s tucked away next to the front window.


Okay, then you come out the back door, and you reach our courtyard! There’s outdoor seating here, and we grow a lot of our seasonal herbs here.


I’m the one who nurtures all the plants out here, so I can tell you that in these hanging baskets, there are dragonstails and a crepe myrtle.


….and in these big pots, we’ve got oleias flowers and asra flowers, as well as your usual herbs over there.



And that’s it! Thanks for coming along, and thanks to Sarah for taking the photos. Hope to see you soon!

~ Petra 🙂

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