Five Years

Hey, have you seen this?

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra sand around Sarah's open laptop. Sarah is in the centre, holding the laptop and looking at the camera. Tiffany and Petra are looking over Sarah's shoulders at the laptop.

Today’s my five-year blogiversary!

A view over the shoulders of Petra and Sarah of the laptop screen. On the screen, the homepage for My Life in Miniature is visible, showing the previous post.

Clearly, a small party is in order.

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra stand at a white table, having a party. There is bunting on the white brick background. Sarah holds Chip, her android, to the right of the image, and both are in party hats. Tiffany is clasping her hands at her chest in the middle of the picture, wearing a party hat. Both are looking at Petra, who is on the left placing a chocolate cake on the table. Also on the table is a large knife, a stack of plates, and a few forks.

To celebrate, I’ve compiled links to my five favourite crafts/posts over the last five years! They are, in no particular order:

1: The TARDIS set ~ This is definitely one of the biggest things I’ve made! Not to mention that it took a year, and I’m very proud of all the details in it.

2: Petra and Tiffany ~ I’m grouping these two together because it was a lot of fun making two new characters/friends in this little world!

3: Sarah’s apartment ~ It’s hard to choose one area in particular of her apartment, but I do love the observatory and this wall beside her bed.

4: Tea at Yaz’s and Needle & Thread ~ I think I’m definitely a fan of making sets, because these renovations have been a lot of fun!

5: Crochet Occamy ~ this was the first crochet pattern I wrote and published! I hope there’ll be more in the future; we’ll see where inspiration strikes.

Sarah, Tiffany and Petra stand around a white table having a party. Bunting is on the white brick background. Chip, Sarah's android, is on the table on the right, in a party hat and facing left. Petra is on the left, hands on the table and looking at Sarah and Tiffany. Tiffany is eagerly reaching for the large knife to cut the cake with, wearing a party hat. Sarah is next to Chip on the right, preparing the plates and forks for the pieces of cake. She and Chip are wearing party hats.

Thank you for reading over two locations and the past five years/however long you’ve been reading! I appreciate every view, like, and comment. I can’t wait to see where the next five years will take this blog!

In the meantime, pass a slice of cake, will you? And what’s been a favourite craft of yours?

See ya!


6 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Here’s a virtual slice of carrot cake, one of my personal favorites πŸ™‚ Happy 5-year blog anniversary! Wow, it’s been such a long time, time is a scary thing. I loved making your Occamy pattern! And seeing all the adventures Sarah and co. have in their amazingly detailed, cheerful little world πŸ™‚ Here’s to many more years of miniature adventures!

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  2. Happy Blogiversary!! I really enjoy your blog, you’ve really inspired me to craft more! I have only been reading for a few months I think, but I did read all of your posts. 😊 My favorite craft that you’ve done is Tiffany and Petra. I think that they turned out amazing, and it just adds to the awesomeness that you created the pattern yourself! The TARDIS is also just as cool! Ok, well everything is pretty cool. Well, congrats!

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