Needle & Thread Exterior

That’s the last coat of paint on the window frames (I hope it dries!)….

Tiffany stands on something, next to the frame of a front window. She has a paintbrush behind her ear, and holds a paint palette. She looks at the frame.

….and the exterior of Needle & Thread, Diagon Alley’s craft store, is done!

Tiffany stands in front of the front facade of Needle & Thread, back to the camera, hands on hips. A white sign across the top says 'Needle & Thread' in navy, there is a blue door to the left and a window display on the right. The window display says 'Sit & Stitch'.

There’s a little needle and thread on the sign, because of course:

Close-up of the 'Needle' part of Needle & Thread's sign. a silver needle is visible, threaded with neon pink thread.

The only physical thing I’ve reused is the doorknob; everything else is new, but draws from the original design.

Close-up of the silver doorknob on the bright blue door. It is a circular silver bead, glued on top of a silver jewellery separator. Tiffany's hand is on top of it, ready to turn it.
Clear shot of the 'Sit & Stitch' window display. The background to the display is blue sky with some silver clouds; the writing is purple and on the window. At the bottom is a miniature seating area, along with text that says 'Corner Open!' and some of the things offered.

I might put some flowers under this window at some point.

Tiffany stands in front of the blue door of Needle & Thread's front façade. She has a purple tote bag on her shoulder, and a hand in her pocket.

Now to get started on the inside! I’ll reuse a lot of old furniture for the interior, and I have plans for a few new pieces too.

Anyways, see ya!


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