Project Roundup

The cabinetry in Needle & Thread is done!

Interior of Needle & Thread. Camera looks into the corner, and on the two walls are two white 'cabinets', that are flat on the walls.

This one on the right will be filled with fat quarters….

Image shows the right-hand cabinet from the previous image. It is white and has eight rectangular shelves.

….and this one will be filled with yarn. I have a plan for filling this with yarn, but I’m still working out how to do the fat quarters.

Image shows the left-hand cabinet from the first image. It is white and has twelve square shelves.

I’ve also been crocheting a new amigurumi pattern, which is nearly done:

Flatlay of a 3mm crochet hook, a ball of dark green yarn, a dark green crocheted dragon shape without legs, and a small dark green crocheted foot with claws.

No prizes for guessing what it is! I really like little amigurumi patterns, they’re nice and quick to make up and they’re small! So it’s very easy to transport your new friend with you.

Anyways, see ya!


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