Solid Grounding

As the solid foundation my dolls stand on, their shoes are pretty important. Tiffany and Petra had been using some of Sarah’s shoes, but she wanted them back for summer.

Tiffany and Petra's feet and legs are in shot. Tiffany has white shoes on, and Petra has brown shoes on. They stand on a wood parquet floor and against a pale blue backdrop.

So! Now Tiff and Petra have their own shoes.

Close-up of the two pairs of shoes - white on the left, brown on the right - on a wood parquet floor.

Tiffany’s are as close to a pair of runners as I could get, with the lower backs.

Close-up of the back of Tiffany's white shoes. The backs are about ankle length, and the laces are white.

They are perhaps a little long for her feet, but I’m not too worried.

Close-up of the front of Tiffany's white shoes. The white tongue can be seen, as well as the white laces tied with an overhand knot. She stands outside Needle & Thread on cobblestones, with the red brick and blue door of Needle & Thread in the background.

Petra’s are made of fabric, which was a bit of an experiment!

Above close-up of Petra's brown shoes on a white brick background. They rise above the ankles at the back, have brown tongues, and mismatched brown laces (one being thicker than the other).
Shot shows Sarah's lower legs and feet, wearing Petra's brown shoes and three-quarter-length blue pants. She stands inside the TARDIS against one bronze-and-blue wall and on the black-and-yellow floor.

When I was sewing Petra and Tiffany, I made sure their feet were similar in size to Sarah’s, not only to save pattern-making, but so everyone could share shoes! Thus, Sarah can borrow Petra’s shoes for her Thirteenth Doctor cosplay.

Anyways, see ya!


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