Summer Sewing

Hey Petra! I got this pink corduroy in the mail for the shop, and I thought it would look great as a pair of shorts for you. What do you think?

Tiffany and Petra lean over a bolt of dusky pink corduroy fabric at the fabric table in Needle & Thread. The shelves of fat quarters and yarn are visible in the background.

Petra said yes, and a week later, we have our result!

Tiffany holds the completed pair of corduroy shorts to her waist, looking at Petra for her reaction. Petra is clapping her hands together, looking at the shorts. They are in the fat quarters/yarn shelves corner of Needle & Thread.
Petra looks at the camera, hands in pockets of her dusky pink corduroy shorts. There are two pleats in the front of the pants, and the bottom hems are rolled up. She wears her cream floral t-shirt, and stands in front of a white brick background.

Because the corduroy’s a bit thick, Tiff used a pink floral cotton in the pockets. It’s a nice little contrasting detail!

Close-up of the partially-pulled-out pocket of the shorts, which is pulled out to show the pink floral pattern on the pocket inside.

(Next time I make some of these, I’ll make sure to get the pleats even!)

Petra stands facing the camera, hands in pockets. In the background is the partially sunlit-leaves of a macadamia tree.
Petra walks right-to-left across the shot, hands swinging at her sides. She looks in the direction she's going, and is in front of the macadamia tree.

They’re lovely and soft according to Petra, and though they’re not quite as cool as a skirt, they’ll do nicely for summer.

Anyways, see ya!


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