Christmas T-Shirt

Petra’s getting in the Christmas spirit with this simple wreath t-shirt.

Petra stands in front of a white brick background, hands in pockets. She looks at the camera and is wearing a grey t-shirt with a green embroidered wreath on the front.

It’s made up of two branches intertwined in a circle, with little gold knots in amongst them. I’m really happy with how detailed the foliage is!

Close-up of the wreath on Petra's t-shirt. Two branches, embroidered in different shades of green, are visible in detail. Also visible are the gold knots scattered around the wreath.

She helped Sarah and I decorate the Christmas tree this year, because it’s useful to have a tall friend who can reach the up-high branches.

Petra stands to the left of a to-scale Christmas tree. She wears the wreath t-shirt and is carrying three baubles, looking for where to hang them. The tree has a few baubles on, but still some empty spaces.

Time to put the star on!

Petra stands to the right of the tree, holding a blue felt star. She is looking down at it as she faces to the left of the shot.
Petra stands to the right of the tree, looking up at the top of it. One arm is extended, putting the star at the top of the tree. Her other arm hangs at her side.

Tall friends are also helpful for putting the star on top! Great job guys, the tree looks fabulous.

Anyways, see ya!


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