Touring Needle & Thread

Hi! It’s Tiffany guest-writing here, and I’m going to show you around Needle and Thread for its grand opening. Come in!

Tiffany stands outside Needle & Thread, waving at the camera. The sign on the door of the store says "Open; welcome".

As you come in the door, to the side is our sit and stitch corner. So if you want to come in and chat with other like-minded people while you stitch, you’re welcome to chill here for a bit. There’s refreshments on the trolley, and usually someone brings in something sweet to share.

Tiffany stands to the left of the sit and stitch area, gesturing to the space. There are biscuits on the table and an embroidery hangs on the wall behind the couch.

This is the counter to my left, with some magazines on the front that customers are welcome to flick through. Behind me is our small bookshelf, where our craft books live.

Tiffany stands in the middle of the frame. To her left is the counter and to her right are two shelves attached to the blue wall behind her. There are four craft books on the shelves, displayed on stands.

This is one of our fabric tables: underneath are our bolts of fabric, and customers are welcome to spread them out on top of the tables. Behind me are shelves for our specialty yarns, like your mohair and cashmere yarns.

Tiffany stands to the left of the fabric table, one hand resting on the surface. A bolt of grey and a bolt of pink fabric are on the table. Behind her are three shelves shaped like hexagons, diamonds, and pentagons, all holding balls of yarn.
Tiffany stands in the corner between two large white shelving units. The unit on her left holds a rainbow of yarn balls, and the ight-hand one holds racks of hanging fat quarters, arranged by colour.

And these are the shelves where our fat quarters hang, and where the rest of our yarn is stored. There’s still a few boxes of stock to be unpacked, but we are otherwise ready to go! I love starting a new sewing project on the fabric tables, because they’re very easy to cut out fabric on. Hope to see you soon!

Tiffany 🙂

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