Project Roundup

The Quest to Unpack All the Boxes remains a slow one, about matching the rate at which the bookshelves get built.

Sarah stands at the makeshift counter of The Palace Library. She is in the middle of unpacking a box of books, placing some on the table while reaching in for more.

Oooh, there are some good ones in this box!

Several stacks of books are on the makeshift counter of The Palace Library, spines towards the camera. Three of the stacks have two books, and the one on the far right has four.

When I next get a moment, we should totally put genre labels on the shelves somewhere.

Sarah is shelving some of the newly-unpacked books. She stands at the shelves, placing a book on a shelf and holding three more in her arm.
A pile of dusky pink fabric sits on a wood tabletop. On the fabric is a pin tin, a skein of matching embroidery thread, and a pair of embroidery scissors.

I also have a few life-size sewing projects that are either awaiting photography, or awaiting final details, like the one above. It just needs buttons, and I need to figure out how I’m going to photograph the other one.

Anyways, see ya!


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