Upstairs Furnishings

There are a lot of bookshelves in The Palace Library that need assembling, so as a result, the armchair has been moved to one of the upstairs rooms for now.

Sarah stands in the doorway of an upstairs room of The Palace Library, hands on hips. She looks at a red multicoloured armchair that sits against the wall.

You can see one of the other rooms across the banisters: that room has a lot of boxes that will fill the shelves downstairs.

A drawing of the view from the doorway of the upstairs room from last image is visible. Through the doorway are banisters surrounding a void, another doorway on the other side, and an old-fashioned-looking light on the opposite wall.

However, something for this level arrived: a room divider!

A white room divider stands against a yellow wall. Its frame is a light brown wood, and there are two connected panels that stand at a slight acute angle.

The idea is that these will get placed across the upstairs doorways (because there are no doors up here, for some reason) to act as ‘doors’.

Sarah maneuvers the room divider into place across the doorway of the upper room of The Palace Library. The divider and doorway are on the right; on the left is the red multicoloured armchair.

They can also fold flat….

Sarah holds both room divider panels against a yellow background. The panels are folded so they are flush, and the white paper hinges that make that possible are in the foreground.
The folded-in-half room divider is standing in front of the doorway of one of The Palace Library's upper rooms. Sarah sits in the red multicoloured armchair against the other wall, looking at the divider. A small side table is beside the armchair.

….if the room is really small and you need more space. I think the armchair will move back downstairs when the shelves are assembled, maybe to create a reading nook. For now, I want to work out furnishings for this room – I want some kind of table and seating arrangement. Hmmm…..

Anyways, see ya!


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