Dye Experiments

Tiffany’s been experimenting with fabric dye recently….

Tiffany stands at a fabric table in Needle & Thread. She holds a bolt of plain cream cotton fabric.

….and some of her first experiments yielded this design:

Tiffany wears a tie-dyed shirt in black, shades of purple, and green. The design is loosely an arrow shape, pointing to the right.
View of the back of Tiffany's tie-dyed shirt. Big patches of purple are visible, as well as more green, which is a sea-green shade.

The hints of green look quite nice with purple, I think!

Tiffany stands on grass, next to a flower bed. She wears the tie-dyed shirt with a blue-and-white-striped skirt, hands in pockets. She faces the left, and her hair is blown in the wind behind her.

This photoshoot was incredibly windy – after this we tried shooting with her cardigan on….

Tiffany stands on grass, in front of a flower bed. She wears the tie-dyed shirt and blue skirt, with her pink cardigan over the top. She faces the camera, hair being windblown to the right.

….but then she nearly blew over, so we had to call it short!

Needle & Thread has heaps more of that plain cotton fabric, and Tiffany’s very keen to do it again…. though that may not be until summer, when it’s easier for things to dry.

Anyways, see ya!


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