Project Roundup

But before we get into the projects, it’s Sarah’s birthday today!

Sarah holds her android, Chip, in her arms and smiles at the camera. She wears a conical party hat on her head, and a string of triangular bunting is overlaid onto the top edge of the image.
Six years, and I still haven’t updated the party hats.

She wanted to sit and read all day for her birthday, which is fair enough.

Sarah reads the blurb of a book that's in her hand. She has a conical party hat on her head, and is facing slightly away from the camera.

And back to the projects: The Palace Library is coming along, slowly.

The plain yellow-walled nook that the counter for the Palace Library sits in is visible. Against the wall to the left of the counter is a 'doorway', which is actually a piece of paper with a room divider drawn on it.

This counter nook has my attention; I’ll be putting wall lights in, and finishing off the doorway to the back of the store.

A solid navy crocheted square sits on a white brick background, ends visible. Above it is a 4mm crochet hook, and to its left is a ball of light purple cotton yarn.

I’ve also started another crochet project – this square is the first of many that will become a cushion cover. I need about 32 squares in total, and the purple yarn will be my next square. Only 31 to go!

Anyways, see ya!


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