Fixtures and Furnishings

The Palace Library is definitely in the ‘fixtures, fittings and furnishing’ stage of its construction!

The 'counter nook' of the Palace Library is visible. To the right is the counter with a cash register on. To the left on the wall is a doorway with a room divider across it. Above the doorway and counter on the walls are two Victorian-esque lights.

Case in point: these lights, which are made from a section of a white paper cupcake wrapper.

Close-up of one of the lights in the last image. They have a white concertina-d lampshade, attached to the wall with a smile-shaped loop of silver wire. The wall fitting is three brown circles, stacked smallest to largest. The corner of the doorway is visible in the bottom right.

They don’t actually work (unfortunately), but they do look really good!

Sarah works at the counter of the Palace Library. She has her hand on two stacked books, and is looking at the screen of the cash register. Above her is the other light, which looks and is attached to the wall in the same way but mirrored. Sarah wears a black coat with purple buttons with a shirt underneath.

There is also now a clear doorway to the back/upstairs of the building, and if we follow Sarah up….

Sarah stands next to the doorway with the room divider across it. She wears a black coat with purple buttons, a blue shirt underneath, black floral pants, and red shoes. She has two books in her arm, and smiles at the camera.

….the owner found this old travelling trunk to use as a coffee table in the little staff sitting room.

A large rectangular old-fashioned-looking trunk sits in front of the armchair in the upstairs staff room in the Palace Library. The trunk has two gold latches on the front, gold caps on the corners, and dark red trim on the edges. A book rests on its lid. Sarah sits on the armchair behind it, and a small rectangular side table is beside the armchair.
View of the inside of the trunk in the upstairs room of the Palace Library. The inside of the trunk is in the same dark red as the trim, and it's filled with miniature books. Also visible on the outside are three gold hinges on the back, and two gold handles on either side of the trunk.

(I’m also using it to store the 90-odd mini books I made not long ago – so now the armchair is finally free!) But officially, there will eventually be cushions and blankets and possibly snacks in there.

I want to make some more of the lights from downstairs for up here, and do up the little rectangular side table, and make a small table for downstairs, and then it’s posters and soft furnishings time!

Anyways, see ya!


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