Crochet Happenings

I finished another birds’ nest – these get donated through a friend-of-a-friend to Australia Zoo.

A blue crocheted birds' nest sits against a white brick background.

Also, my yarn supplies are topped-up again, and work on the cushion cover has continued!

Three stacks of crocheted squares, eight squares high, sit against a white brick background. One stack of eight sits on top of the other two stacks, like a small pyramid.

We’re now three sets of eight in, and it’s looking very colourful.

All 24 crocheted squares are laid out in a long rectangle, four by six squares. They are laid out in colour order - navy, pink, purple, pale blue, pale pink, blue, peach, and green.

I can’t wait to see it all sewn together, but I’ve still eight squares (and a lot of sewing) to go. I’ll get back to it!

Anyways, see ya!


One thought on “Crochet Happenings

  1. Oh how awesome, I love how that cushion is coming along! I want to make some of those birds nests too, I’m going to investigate how to donate, because how awesome to be able to crochet for little birds in need!

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