Final Deliveries

The Palace Library has had a few more deliveries recently, one from the book dealers and one from the printers.

Four books and a stack of papers sit on a small dark wood table in The Palace Library. Sarah's hand rests on one of the books, which are stacked in two stacks of two. The papers are all various promotional flyers for various things: new books, author talks, fan groups, and the like.

The owner (me) had a few flyers made to put up around the shop, and they look really good! (The ad for The Ghosts We Keep is from the real-life publishers, the other four were made by me.)

The five different flyers sit flat on a white brick background. They are arranged in a row of four at the bottom, and one at the top centre. The top centre one advertises a book called 'The Ghosts We Keep'. The bottom row advertises, left-right; a book called 'The Empire of Gold', two authors in discussion about 'Historical Fiction: How Accurate is Necessary?', a sci-fi fan group, and a fantasy readers' group.

Sarah’s job today was putting them all up around the place.

Sarah stands behind the counter at The Palace Library. She has her back to the camera, as she is putting up one of the flyers on the wall behind the counter. One other flyer is already on the wall, with another waiting on the counter.

She was involved in starting the readers’ groups in the flyers on the front of the counter, so we hope they get attendees!

Sarah stands at the counter of The Palace Library. Three flyers are on the wall behind her, and she leans over the counter to look over it. On the front of the counter are the two other flyers.

As for the book dealers’ packages, it wouldn’t do to have a flyer saying a book is ‘New In’ if you didn’t actually have the book. Thus, we need a display set up!

Sarah stands at the small wooden table in The Palace Library. She has a few books in her arm, and is placing one of them on the table. Six or so books are already arranged on the table around a wire bookstand with a flyer resting on it.


An overhead shot of the small table. The books from the book dealers' package rest on the table, along with others from the Library's stock. In the centre is a wire bookstand with a flyer on it, promoting one of the books from the package.

This isn’t all the copies unpacked yet, so the table will be fuller come opening day. Which is actually coming up quite soon, isn’t it? I must double-check that to-do list, I’m sure I’m missing something!

Anyways, see ya!


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