Quick Refresher

Recently, I took Sarah and Petra along on a weekend away. The first place we went to was a small museum complex. Outside, we found this very cheery fence of ‘sunflowers’….

Sarah stands on grass near a cream-coloured fence, which has been covered with plastic sunflower vines. The fence extends into the background behind Sarah. She wears a knee-length black coat with a black-and-yellow striped scarf, and has her hands in her pockets, smiling at the camera.

….and inside, we found this horse and cart that had been yarnbombed!

Sarah stands in front of a small carriage that has a big plastic horse hitched to it. The horse's behind is visible, though most of the background is filled with the carriage. The carriage sits two people, and is covered in crochet - the seat, the wheel spokes, the little step to get into it. A larger doll sits in the carriage.

I loved the little granny square on the step in the photo above.

A different angle of the crochet-covered small carriage with the horse hitched to the front. The horse is out of shot, and the seat of the carriage is more visible. Sarah stands in front of it, looking to the right as if looking into the seat of the carriage.

We also went to a nature reserve, where Petra was particularly excited by how tall all the trees were.

Petra stands near the base of a tree trunk, facing right, head tipped back to try and see the treetop. She wears a pink-and-purple jumper with brown pants, and has her yellow backpack on. She has her closest arm in her pant pocket.
Petra stands very close to the base of a tree trunk, gently stroking some moss growing on it.

We even found the Arc de Triomphe!

Petra stands so that a very large archway, formed by two trees and some vines, is in the background. The perspective makes it look like the archway is semi-in-scale, and she is standing beneath it. She has both hands in her pockets, and smiles at the camera.

It was a short trip, but it was exactly what I needed – a quick refresh and change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing again.

Anyways, see ya!


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