Hazel’s Cape

I decided to go the obvious route with Hazel’s outerwear, and make a pink knee-length cape first.

Hazel stands against a white brick background. She wears a dusky pink knee-length cape with a zig-zagged grey-and-navy wool skirt. The cape has a Peter Pan collar, two armhole slits, and attaches at the chest with two silver hooks-and-eyes. Hazel has her hands clasped and smiles at the camera.

It’s got hand-bound armhole slits, and is lined with this floral fabric from my stash. The background of this fabric is a very pale pink, which I thought suited it quite well.

Close-up of the inside of Hazel's dusky pink cape. Hazel holds it open with one arm, so we can see the pink, orange, blue, and green floral lining. Her skirt, shirt, and scarf ends are also visible.

We went to a nearby botanic gardens to have a photoshoot in their Japanese garden, which was beautiful!

Hazel stands outside on a gravel path next to some rounded bushes, wearing her dusky pink cape. Her arms are tucked away inside, so the hand-bound armholes are clearly visible, and she looks past the camera to the right. Behind her is a small patch of bamboo, and a Japanese-style gateway in a wall.
Hazel walks next to some long, thin, bushy plants on a path laid with circular stones. She wears her dusky pink cape and her wool skirt with white shoes. Her hands are clasped in front, and she looks down at where she's stepping.

The wind was very cold, so the cape was definitely put through its paces!

Hazel stands on a rock, having just crossed a small river on stepping stones. The river and other stepping stones are behind her, as is some rounded bushes and a path. She has her hands clasped in front of her, and looks into the sun to the left. She wears her dusky pink cape with her wool skirt.
Hazel stands in front of a pink bougainvillea bush, which is covered in flowers. She wears her dusky pink cape with her wool skirt, and has her hands clasped. She looks to her left, at the flowers.

Hazel loves it; pink and florals are right up her alley, style-wise. I do still want to make some kind of long-sleeved garment, at least for layering underneath the cloak, but this will keep her warm for now.

I also finished braiding her hair! I should have taken a shot, but you can kind of see that it’s now half up in a bun at the back of her head.

Anyways, see ya!


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