Pink & White Walls

The interior walls of Fierro’s have just been painted with their final coat!

The interior of Fierro's Bakery. The upper two-third of the walls are pink, while the bottom third is white with raised rectangular panelling. There is a wood parquet floor, and a doorway in the wall furthest away, which is covered with a dark green curtain.

Isn’t this shade of pink beautiful? Hazel picked it out herself.

Hazel stands in a different area of the interior of Fierro's Bakery. She's dusting off her hands, wearing a wool skirt and grey cardigan. The top two-thirds of the walls are pale pink, and the bottom third is white with raised panelling. The floor is parquet wood.

I’m quite pleased with how the panelling has turned out – it took a little while, but I definitely think it was worth the effort.

Hazel stands at the internal doorway inside Fierro's Bakery. She has swept the green curtain aside, and holds it open as she gestures towards the opening. She smiles at the camera.

We also have the curtain mounted over the door to the kitchen – this photo shows the colour much better.

A clearer image of the scene beyond the doorway in Fierro's Bakery. The green curtain is flipped up above the door to reveal a large sack of flour and a worktable. On the table is a silver bowl, and behind the table are some white overhead cupboards attached to the white brick wall.
Hazel stands in Fierro's Bakery, facing the camera. She looks at her hands as she lists things that need doing on her fingers. Behind her is the green-curtained doorway.

Next step is making some of the furniture, like a counter and tables and chairs. I might start with the counter – I have plans to include a glass section to display desserts!

Anyways, see ya!


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