Christmas Cheer

The sun has finally emerged in Sarah’s corner of the world, and she and her friends spent the morning putting up Christmas decorations.

Petra and Tiffany stand around a lamp-post outside Tea at Yaz's and Needle & Thread. Tiffany is on a stepstool, adjusting the tinsel wrapped around the lamp-post. She wears a yellow skirt, multi-coloured top, and a Santa hat. She faces away from the camera. Petra stands beside her, looking up at the tinsel. Tiffany is holding her hand for balance. Petra wears a grey shirt embroidered with a wreath and brown pants.

P: Do you need help with yours?

T: I already finished them! But thanks, P.

Petra and Tiffany stand outside Needle & Thread, tinsel-wrapped lamp-post behind them. Tiffany gestures at the window, which is hung with a blue-and-white garland. Petra has her hands in her pockets, also looking at the garland.

(Let’s agree to ignore that the window display is still a winter one. I think that’s a good idea here. *thumbs up*)

Sarah stands outside The Palace Library, holding the loose end of a red-and-green garland. She moves towards a stepstool to attach it to the other corner of the Palace Library's front window, Chip (her BB-8-esque grey android) watching on. She wears a grey shirt embroidered with 'Off Duty Elf', blue 3/4 pants, red shoes, and a headband with sparkly red reindeer horns on.

H: Hello Sarah! Are you finished your decorations?

S: Hi Hazel, I just finished with these ones.

H: Oh good, because I was looking for some taste-testers for these Christmas cookies I just pulled out of the oven.

Sarah and Hazel stand outside the Palace Library and Fierro's Bakery, respectively. Sarah looks to Hazel, who has a gold plate of Christmassy biscuits in her hands. She wears a white floral dress and has a headband with a sparkly Christmas tree on.

T: Did I hear fresh biscuits?

Sarah, Hazel, Tiffany, and Petra stand outside Fierro's Bakery, gathered around Hazel and her plate of Christmas biscuits. Fierro's has a string of 'lights' hanging from the awning. Hazel & Petra look at each other, Hazel answering Petra's question. Tiffany (between Hazel and Petra) looks to Hazel, hands clasped in front of her chest. Sarah reaches around Hazel's shoulder, hand stretched towards the plate. Chip the android is at their feet, face tilted up towards the action.

T: These look amazing!

P: Are they going in the shop?

H: Well, if they taste good! I modified the recipe a bit from last year’s, and I haven’t tried any yet, so I wanted your thoughts.

S: Well, my thoughts are ‘these are amazing’!

And thus ends the decorating marathon for another year. This is becoming a yearly tradition, I think. The bead garland on Fierro’s awning is held up by little wire hooks I glued to the inside. I love the 3-D effect it gives, but I’m not sure if the white-on-white is super visible. Something for next year, I think!

Anyways, see ya!


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