Christmas Earrings

Because I really enjoyed putting together my spring earring collection, I decided to do a small collection of Christmassy designs.

Three sets of small crocheted earrings are on a white brick background, loosely arranged in a group. There are two Christmas trees, two bunches of holly, and two baubles.

These little trees were definitely the most complicated ones to make! I had to make the cone shape with the beads on the inside, then turn it inside out to get this effect.

Close-up of one of the Christmas trees. It is a mid-green shade, with a small red trunk at the bottom and a gold jump ring at the top. Gold beads are crocheted into the main tree to look like decorations.

I did previously make a pair of bauble earrings, but I decided to make them larger this time around. The two different colours also looks quite good, I think!

Close-up of the two bauble earrings. Both are striped horizontally in two colours with a gold jump ring at the top. One is red and green, the other is hot pink and pale purple. Both are hanging from one sleeper earring, which the author holds from the top of the image.
One earring from each set hangs from a sleeper earring on a wooden dowel against a white brick background. Left to right is a tree, the pink-and-purple bauble, and a bunch of holly. The holly is made of two dark green holly leaves sewn together in a V-shape. Three red berries are sewn where they connect,  and a gold jump ring attached just above them.

Like the spring ones, they all just loop onto sleeper earrings. I definitely want to keep doing these small earring collections, especially for the seasons, but the challenge is finding the time! At least they’re (relatively) small and quick, so I can slot them in-between larger projects.

Anyways, see ya!


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