Festive Attire

In keeping with the tradition of everyone having a Christmassy shirt, I whipped up a quick top for Hazel for the season.

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background. She is holding some braids aside to ensure the bauble sewn onto her grey-blue linen shirt is visible. The bottom of it is covered b the waistband of her beige-and-white skirt, but otherwise it can be seen. She is smiling at the camera.

It’s made from some scraps from my linen pants, with the embroidered felt circle appliqued on top.

The sleeveless grey-blue linen shirt rests on a white brick background. The white bauble is particularly visible, appliqued onto the front of the shirt with an embroidered gold hanging loop above it. The bauble is patterned with various rows of embroidery stitches and lengths of ribbon, all in various shades of pink.

I really like the little gold hanging loop at the top. I should also seal the ends of the ribbons, so they stop fraying.

Close-up of the bauble on Hazel's shirt, and particularly the gold embroidered hanging thread above the bauble. Her braids and skirt waistband are also visible in the shot, as is a white brick background.
Hazel walks towards Fierro's Bakery, and slightly to the left of the camera. She wears a grey-blue linen top with a bauble on the front, with a beige-and-white skirt. Her braids swing with the movement, and her backpack straps are visible on her shoulders. She is smiling and swinging her arms, looking up at the Christmas decorations.

Oh no, did I forget my headband? Is it in my bag?

Hazel stands outside Fierro's Bakery. She wears a grey-blue shirt with a bauble on the front, with a beige-and-white striped skirt. She is looking down, worried, as she checks the pockets of her skirt. Her pink backpack's straps are visible over her shoulders. She faces the camera.
Hazel stands outside Fierro's Bakery. She wears a grey-blue top with a bauble on, with a beige-and-white pinstriped skirt, pink backpack, and red headband with a small Christmas tree on. She is reaching up to touch the headband with one hand, and smiling at the camera.

Yes, it is! No need to worry, problem solved!” She’s going to a Christmas party for the folks who have been helping with getting Fierro’s ready to open, so Christmassy attire was required.

Anyways, see ya!


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