2021: Year in Review

I’m not one for long paragraphs of self-reflection at the end of the year – I prefer to let the photos do the talking. So, let’s get to it!


The author stands next to a garden bed, photographed from the waist down. She wears a pair of pink, blue, yellow, and white floral pants with white shoes.


Petra stands at the entrance to a path in a forest, the path curving away behind her. She wears a denim pinafore dress with a short-sleeved orange floral shirt and her yellow backpack. She has her hands in the pockets of the dress and her head tilted back, looking up.


Four stacks of novels sit on the orange-and-wooden front counter in the Palace Library. Sarah is behind the counter in a floral playsuit, about to grab one of the stacks.


Petra stands at the railing of a boardwalk, one hand on the railing and one on her hip. She smiles at the camera, wearing a loose cream 'pirate' shirt with grey pants. Behind her is the sea and the bright blue sky.


A table lamp sits on a wooden side table in the upstairs room of the Palace Library. It has a white shade with a chain to turn it on and off. Beside it on the table is 'Solitaire' by Alice Oseman, and on the arm of the armchair is 'The City of Brass' by S.A. Chakraborty. Sarah sits on the armchair in her black coat, leaning over to turn on the lamp with just her arm visible.


The author stands in front of a white lattice, visible from the shoulders up. She faces away from the camera, to better show off the rainbow-striped crocheted beanie with pompom she wears. Her hair is dark brown, brushing the collar of her khaki jacket, and mostly obscuring the side of her white face.


Hazel stands outside, arms clasped in front of her, face turned towards the sun. Behind her are stepping stones across a small river, with the opposite bank in the distance. She wears a pink knee-length cloak with arm slits and a collar over a navy woolen skirt.


A cushion made of crocheted squares sits on a white couch. The squares are each a solid colour, the colours being pale blue, green, orange, purple, pink, blue, pale pink, and navy. A blue and purple crocheted band attaches the cover together with buttons.


Hazel stands on a white surface with greenery behind her. She wears a white, midi-length, loose, floral dress with white shoes. She looks to the right and is bringing two of her braids forward over her shoulder, smiling softly.


Six pairs of crocheted earrings sit on grass. Top to bottom, they are daisies, blue flowers, green leaves, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, and purple pansies. Each individual flower/leaf has a jump ring at the top, to loop onto a sleeper.


The author stands in front of a white lattice on concrete. She wears homemade turquoise pants with a solid waistband, diagonal cut-away pockets, and pleats in the front. The pants are cuffed to just below the knee to show the black boots she wears with them. In her hand is a replica 13th Doctor's screwdriver, lit up.


From left to right, Petra, Sarah (with Chip the android in her arms), Tiffany, and Hazel are photographed against a white background, looking up. They are cut off at the shoulders, and above them are various party graphics. The graphics surround big black text that says '6 years'.

Last year, I said I wanted to make some more life-sized things, continue exploring Sarah’s world, and welcome a new friend of Sarah’s. I’d say I was pretty successful! Hazel has been introduced, I’ve been renovating and exploring new corners of the miniature world, and I made quite a lot of life-sized things. And that’s not to mention making it to six years at the keyboard!

I couldn’t tell you what my favourite thing I’ve made this year is – there have been so many! Though it has been particularly thrilling to make my own clothes. I definitely want to continue making my clothes next year, as well as expanding Sarah and Co’s world, and experimenting with taking photographs on location. I think my outdoor locations can get a bit ‘same-same’ sometimes, so finding new places to take photos is something I want to try.

Bring on next year – I already have some exciting things planned!

See ya!


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