New Year’s Baking Supplies

First of all, Happy New Year!

Some additions have been made to Fierro’s over the new year, mainly in the form of useful things like these gold plates, for serving diners.

An aerial shot of two of the square dining tables in the front of Fierro's Bakery. They have been pushed together to display six gold plates on them, two large and four small. Three of the plates have biscuits on them, and Hazel's hands can be seen leaning on the tabletop.

H: “The bigger two will be for sharing platters with lots of different sweets, and the smaller ones are for single biscuits, or cake slices, for example.

Hazel stands at the two pushed-together tables with four of the six gold plates stacked in her hands. She looks down at the other two plates, which are on the table with biscuits on them.

And if we head into the back room, there’s some more bowls for baking in.

Hazel is standing on the right of Fierro's back room, with a stack of gold plates from out front in her hands. Dominating the room is the work bench, which is covered in 10 bowls of various colours and sizes. To Hazel's right and behind the work bench are two muslin sacks, tied with string.

There are three different sizes and they’re all second-hand, hence the design differences.

Close-up of the bowls on the work bench. Two of them are very big, with green rims and pink decoration on the outside. The other eight are white with black freckles inside; four are medium-ish sized, and four are quite small.

Fierro’s has also had its first delivery of flour and sugar, which will definitely get used as Hazel gets elbow-deep in recipe-testing.

Close-up of the muslin sacks, which sit in the corner of the room on the floor. One has the word 'SUGAR' stenciled on front, the other has 'FLOUR' in the same place. Both words are in dark green paint, and both are tied with twine. Hazel's skirt and shoes are visible to the left of the sacks, for scale.
Hazel stands at the work bench in the back room. The gold plates are on the bench in front of her, and she is looking at the bowls that cover the rest of the surface. Just behind her, the flour sack is visible.

Of course, that will have to be in-between painting the walls once a colour match has been found. I think Fierro’s is going to be a busy place in the next few weeks! “Especially once I clear these bowls away, because I need some space to start experimenting – I have this idea…

Anyways, see ya!


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