Completed Cosplay

With all the life-size garments I’ve been making recently, I felt I needed a little break from all the large, involved projects. So, I decided to dedicate a day or two to a small project – which led to the completion of my Ms Marvel cosplay!

The author stands in front of a hedge on grass. She wears a 'casual cosplay' of the comics character Ms Marvel. This consists of a blue shirt with a yellow zigzag on, red jeans cuffed at the bottom, denim Converse shoes, a red scarf with yellow detail on the end, and a yellow fabric cuff/gauntlet on her left arm. She stands with her hands in fists on her hips, in that classic Wonder Woman pose.

The small project in question was this arm bracer she wears. It was a good excuse to make and test an arm bracer pattern!

Closeup of the yellow fabric armband/gauntlet. It goes from the author's wrist to about her elbow crease, and is quilted with lines and concentric circles.

There are four layers of fabric in here, because I wanted to stitch some quilted details on it.

Another closeup of the armband/ gauntlet, this time on a white brick background. The quilted details are more visible now, dividing the armband into four sections. Each section has two concentric circles stitched into the centre of the band.

It attaches with two clear snaps and a hook and eye, because it’s quite snug at the elbow-end. I think it’s because of the four layers, but I may have to make another bracer to confirm.

The reverse side of the yellow armband, photographed on a white brick background. A hook and eye closure is sewn near the elbow end of the armband. In the centre and near the wrist of the armband are two sets of clear press studs/snaps.
The author stands against a hedge on grass, wearing the relaxed Ms Marvel cosplay. She rests her weight on one hip, looking to the right of the shot. One arm is crossed over her front, tucked under the elbow of the other arm. This other arm dangles the blue mask from the fingers, which has a long piece of elastic attached and two eye-holes.
Me, judging the latest villain’s flaky rhetoric
The author stands against a hedge on grass, wearing the relaxed Ms Marvel cosplay outfit. She faces the camera, angled slightly to the left, with the mask in both hands. Her pose is alert, and it looks like the mask is about to go on her face (which isn't in shot).

I’m really pleased with how this has come together – I combined a few different looks from the comics to match what I could get my hands on, and it still looks recognisable! And I can wear lots of these pieces separately, which is always a bonus.

Anyways, back to it! See ya!


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