Hazel’s New Dress

Hazel has now got two dresses in her wardrobe!

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background, two green braids pushed forward over each shoulder. Her hands are in the pockets of her khaki green dress, which is midi-length and has short, puffy sleeves. She wears white lace-up shoes and smiles at the camera.

This one is very similar to the first one in terms of the bodice and skirt, fastening at the back with Velcro and a snap.

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background, wearing the khaki green dress with white shoes. She faces the right, and has her closest arm hanging at her side. Her other arm tucks her braids back behind her shoulder.

It’s got very puffy sleeves and two darts at the chest.

Close-up of one side of the bodice of the khaki dress, which has two darts on either side. The darts shape the dress around Hazel's chest. One of the puffy sleeves is also visible, particularly how it gathers into a band of fabric around the forearm. The gathered waistline of the skirt and Hazel's forearm are also visible.

Either way, I think it will look great under aprons at Fierro’s, or potential future pinafores….

Hazel stands in Fierro's near the front counter, wearing the khaki green dress with a white apron over top. She looks to the pink walls of the store, which look freshly painted. She's clasping her hands in front of her in delight, with a massive smile on her face.
Hazel stands outside Fierro's, having just shut the front door. She wears the khaki green dress alone this time, with white shoes and a pink backpack strap just visible over one shoulder. Two braids are over one shoulder, and she looks up to the sky (or the top left of the image).

….and, of course, for keeping cool in the summer heat. I am really happy with those sleeves, they turned out so well. Will I be taking a long break before trying them again? Absolutely. Let me disappear to make a birthday present and fill some shelves, then we might meet again, Gathers.

Anyways, see ya!


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