Summer Garland

After however-many-years, I have finally made myself a summery garland!

A string of blue chain stitches connects about 15 crocheted items. The items include a strawberry, a blue narwhal, sunflowers, lemon slices, shells, a sun, pink flowers, and leaves. They are arranged on a white brick background so that everything is artfully coiled and in shot.

There’s a bit of a mix of beach-related things and flowers/foliage on there, which is just about right.

A close-up of some of the items. Two dark green leaves are visible, as well as one lemon slice, a sunflower, a peach shell, a pink four-petaled flower, and a classic sun motif in yellow and orange. The blue chain that connects them snakes away out of shot.
Peach shell, sunflower, and sun designs by Steffi Glaves

And I found a permanent place for Bubbles, too. I did have Bubbles sitting on my desk prior to this, but he was just gathering dust.

Close-up of the blue narwhal and the strawberry. Both are 3-D (where the other motifs are flat), and are attached to the ends of the blue chain. The narwhal has an eye and the corner of a mouth just visible.

Now he – and the strawberry – keep the garland from falling off its hooks.

The garland hangs on a white interior door from two hooks in the top corners. The strawberry and the narwhal anchor the chain at each end, and the sun hangs in the middle. Above the sun is a crochet floral wreath, also hanging on the door.
The summer garland is coiled in a heap on a white background, along with a spring and an autumn garland, coiled in similar heaps. The spring garland is quite pink and floral, and the autumn garland is very orange and leafy.

I do want to re-do some elements of my winter garland now, because the scarves that are on it are really large compared to the stuff I usually put on garlands. Hopefully that won’t take as long as this garland did!

Anyways, see ya!


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