Petra’s Birthday Dress

It was Petra’s birthday yesterday, so she went to Needle & Thread to pick up a special order.

Petra walks towards the blue front door of Needle & Thread, hands in pockets with a smile on her face. She wears a beige striped long-sleeves shirt with green dungarees. Her yellow backpack is on her back. She looks at the window display as she passes.

Tiffany had offered to make her a nice airy dress for the summer heat, and it’s finished!

Petra and Tiffany stand at one of Needle & Thread's cutting tables. A peach pink dress is laid out on the table. Tiffany is smoothing the fabric, and Petra looks at it, excited. Tiffany wears a multi-coloured top with a blue striped skirt. Petra wears green dungarees with a beige striped long-sleeved shirt.

Thankfully, it fits!

Petra stands in front of the fat quarters in Needle & Thread, wearing the peach dress over her beige shirt and with her brown boots. The peach dress is about midi-length, V-necked with two patch pockets. She faces the camera and Tiffany, who is just in front of the camera with her back to it. Tiffany is excited to see Petra in the dress, though her expression isn't visible.

It’s a nice loose garment, so that isn’t particularly difficult. The length is good, and the pockets are in the right place.

Petra and Tiffany stand side by side in front of Needle & Thread's fat quarters. Petra is testing the patch pockets of her new peach dress, while Tiffany stands to the side, watching with her arms crossed.
Petra and Tiffany stand side by side in front of Needle & Thread's fat quarters. They are looking at each other as Petra thanks Tiffany for the dress. Petra's hands are still in the pockets of the dress, while Tiff's are still crossed.

Thank you so much, Tiff!” “Sure, you’re welcome. You can repay me with a free coffee next time I’m in Tea at Yaz’s!

Anyways, see ya!


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