Busy Baking

Fierro’s has been a flurry of activity, as out the front the finishing touches are being debated and in the back, Hazel has been baking away!

Hazel stands at the work bench in Fierro's Bakery's back room. She rolls out some dark brown dough with a rolling pin, wearing a white apron to protect her green dress. Around her on the table is a baking tray, several shaped cookie cutters, a small flour bowl, and a big mixing bowl.

She found these bright pink cookie cutters second-hand, and is making a batch of plain biscuits to test them out.

Birds-eye view shot of the work bench. The dark brown dough is visible, rolled out into a relatively rectangular shape. Hazel's hand is placing the rolling pin beside the dough, and the silver baking tray and bright pink cookie cutters are nearby.

(As well as the new rolling pin and baking tray.)

Hazel stands at the work bench in Fierro's. All the cutters have been positioned on the rolled-out dough, and Hazel's hand hovers above the heart-shaped one, about to press it into the dough.

Of course, they must be tested on both plain and chocolate dough.

Another shot of the work bench. The dark brown dough is towards the far side of the bench, with the cutters on and around it. Closer to the camera is another batch of dough, this time a plain cream-ish colour, in the process of being rolled out with the rolling pin. Hazel is clearing away the big mixing bowl in the background. The baking tray is also nearby.
Hazel is turned towards the wall of decorations and tools behind her, one arm raised as she searches for something. The big mixing bowl, flour bowl, two doughs, cutters, baking tray, and rolling pin are all still on the bench, as if the baker jumped to a new idea before finishing here.

Oooh, what if I put the sprinkles around the edges of the biscuit? That could look quite cool….” Masterpieces are clearly incoming, so I might leave her to it!

Anyways, see ya!


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