Sarah’s Birthday

It’s Sarah’s birthday today, so as it is still raining outside, her friends have planned an indoor celebration. Petra went over early to set up a bit, and give gifts before the chaos comes.

Sarah and Petra sit on Sarah's grey couch in Sarah's living room. Petra has her yellow backpack at her feet, and is angled towards Sarah. At Sarah's feet is Chip the android, head raised to see what is in her hands. Sarah holds a thin orange book in her hands, blurb towards the camera.

P: “So, this is from Tiffany, because she’s helping Hazel with the cake,

S: “Where did she get this? We haven’t got the boxes at the Library yet!

Over-the-shoulder shot of Sarah's hands, holding the orange book. We can see the cover now, which is that of 'To Be Taught If Fortunate' by Becky Chambers. Chip is in the background, looking on.

(The book is To Be Taught If Fortunate by Becky Chambers, which I highly recommend!)

Sarah and Petra sit on Sarah's couch, with Chip looking on. A pair of pink corduroy shorts is spread on their laps as Petra explains why she gifted it.

P: “And this is from me. I’m not really a shorts person, so I thought you might like them for summer,

Petra sits on Sarah's couch, looking up at Sarah. Chip is at her feet, also looking at Sarah. Sarah stands beside the couch, holding the shorts up to herself and discussing them with Petra.

S: “I’m pretty sure they’ll fit, and I love the colour!

Sarah and Petra sit on Sarah's couch. Sarah has the pink corduroy shorts and the book in her lap, and is thanking Petra. Petra is beside her, smiling at her. In the corner, Chip is investigating Petra's bag.

S: “Thank you so much, and I’ll thank Tiff when she gets here, too.

P: “You’re welcome! They should be here any minute now.

I think we’d better leave them to it!

See ya!


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