Collars and Pinstripes

My waistcoat collection has increased to three, as I sewed the last button onto this latest one this week. The outer fabric is linen, and it’s lined in plain navy cotton.

The author stands against a hedge. She wears a navy blue pinstriped waistcoat with a shawl collar and two single welt pockets. Under the waistcoat is a white linen shirt, and her hands are tucked into the pockets of grey linen pants. She faces the camera.

This one is an amalgamation of two waistcoat patterns I have, with the addition of a self-drafted shawl collar. I am stoked that the shawl collar worked this well, and I most definitely want to make another waistcoat with this collar!

The author stands against a hedge, wearing the same pinstriped waistcoat, shirt, and pant combination as before. She is angled to the side, with her arms tucked behind her back.

I also tried single welt pockets, which were very intimidating, because they involve cutting through your precious front pieces.

Close-up of the pinstriped waistcoat, specifically one of the single welt pockets. The author's fingers are tucked into it, to illustrate how it opens. Also visible are the five buttons down the front of the waistcoat, which are navy blue with silver around the outside.

Luckily, these ones worked out beautifully (phewww), and I reckon these pockets are bigger than the patch ones.

The author faces the camera again, against a hedge and in the same outfit. She holds a pocket watch on a necklace chain in one hand, with the end of the chain disappearing into one of the pockets. Her other hand hangs at her side.

I did make a mockup of the pattern changes before I made this waistcoat, which is a very smart idea, definitely do them if you’re a newbie looking for advice. It feels very lightweight when it’s on, so I might be able to get away with wearing it for slightly longer than my other ones (which are thicker). Here’s hoping!

Anyways, see ya!


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