Strawberry Mend

Last weekend, I extended my sewing skills beyond the wardrobe because this tea towel I use had a threadbare patch. I decided to mend it by putting a strawberry patch over the top, on both sides of the fabric.

Close-up of a pink, white, and cream checked tea towel. The area pictured is worn, threadbare in the middle with pilling around it. Roughly circling the worn area are little red stitches, like something has been sewn onto the other side of the fabric with red thread.

The seed stitches I did on the strawberry….

Close-up of the pink checked tea towel. The worn area is in an embroidery hoop, covered by a roughly strawberry-shaped patch of red fabric. A needle threaded with yellow thread is partway through making stitches on the strawberry to look like seeds.

….worked very nicely to reinforce the worn fabric on the underside.

Close-up of the reverse of the area underneath the strawberry patch on the pink checked tea towel. The threadbare section is now sprinkled with yellow stitches, criss-crossing the worn area.

Then add leaves, and it’s done!

The pink checked tea towel hangs from the handle of a drawer in a kitchen. The completed strawberry patch is visible on the front.
Close-up of the completed strawberry patch. There are now dark green leaves on the top of the strawberry, and the entirety of the red fabric is covered in yellow seed stitches.

I managed to tuck the edges of the red fabric underneath itself, but the leaves were just too small for that. They’re blanket stitched all around the edges, so hopefully they don’t fray too much. If they do, though, I can always mend it again.

Anyways, see ya!


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