Maximum Volume

I made this skirt way back when the Olympics were on TV, but I’ve only now got around to taking pictures.

The author stands outside, in front of a wooden fence and a hedge. She wears a very full maxi-length skirt with a pale long-sleeved top and black boots. One hand is on her hip as she faces the camera. She is photographed from the waist down.

I used the waistband from my Simplicity pants and the pockets from the Safiya pants. The skirt itself is six panels gathered and sewn into the waistband.

Close-up of one side of the maxi skirt. The author's hand disappears into an in-seam pocket in the skirt. It's also clear that this skirt is gathered into the un-elasticated waistband. The fabric is navy with intricate multi-coloured paisley patterns all over it, and has a slight sheen.

I wanted to try and not use a zipper for the fastening, because this cotton sateen would get ruined if it got caught in the teeth. So I made a placket and put two hooks and eyes at the centre back, which work quite well!

Close-up of the centre back of the skirt, photographed from above on a wooden surface. The ends of the waistband are visible, one side with two eyes sewn in and the other with two corresponding hooks.

Those six panels give this skirt a lot of volume!

The author stands in front of a fence and a hedge, wearing the skirt, pale shirt, and boots. She holds out some of the skirt's volume to the side with one hand.

And a lot of volume equals maximum swooshTM .

The image is blurry, because the author is spinning on the spot in front of the hedge and fence. Her skirt billows out a little with the momentum.

The goal here was to make a fantasy-character-esque skirt, which I think I definitely achieved! I had debated making it a midi-length skirt for a few months, but I do like this length. Besides, I have future plans for midi-length skirts.

Honestly, this skirt was a lot of work, so I am as yet unsure if I’d do it again! Maybe I should use a pattern next time.

Anyways, see ya!


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