Long-Sleeved Layers

Hazel’s new shirt is in its last fitting, having been completed yesterday.

Hazel and Tiffany stand in Needle & Thread. Hazel has a dusky pink collared top on, with a long wool skirt. She is fiddling with the hem of one of the long sleeves. Tiffany watches on, arms crossed, wrapped up in her hot pink cardigan.

I’m quite happy with it – I did have some trouble with the sleeves, but nothing too hard to fix.

Hazel stands in front of a white brick background. She wears the same dusky pink top and wool skirt as last image. The top has a Peter Pan collar, a mock button-up front, and long sleeves. Hazel holds her hands together in front of her as she smiles at the camera.

It has a false button-up front, which I’m proud of – we’ll pretend this top has a little flap covering the buttons, which is definitely not because I couldn’t be bothered embroidering them on.

Close-up of the mock button-up front, and the collar. One side of the collar sticks up a little more than the other, otherwise it sits flat against the garment.

T: “That collar isn’t sitting right – I’m sure I made them identical. Are you sure you don’t want me to tack that down really quick?

Tiffany and Hazel stand in Needle & Thread. Tiffany is fiddling with the collar corner that's sticking up, and Hazel has a hand up, telling her that 'it's fine, I promise'.

H: “It’s fine, I promise! No-one will notice.

Close-up of the sleeve of Hazel's top as Hazel's arm hangs beside her. It's hemmed at the wrist, and most of the background is Hazel's skirt.
Hazel and Tiffany stand in Needle & Thread. Hazel has her hands clasped in front of her, clearly getting excited about her top. She grins at Tiffany, who has her hands in her pockets and is smiling back.

The collar is attached with a facing, which was difficult to get to stay flat – probably because it was so thick. I’m definitely not a fan of miniature facings! Anyway, Hazel’s happy, which is what matters. The plan is to wear it under pinafores, and with skirts when it’s less cold.

Anyways, see ya!


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