Project Roundup

The majority of this week was spent stuffing my tailor’s ham.

A partially-stuffed blue tailor's ham sits beside an open tin on a wood background. The tin contains various fabric and thread scraps. Beside the tin is a large knitting needle.

That’s my scraps tin there – I emptied it entirely into the ham, and then cut up some old jeans to supplement it.

The author's hand holds a navy blue tailor's ham against a wood background. It is a vaguely egg-shaped cushion, stuffed very firmly. The rounder end is toward the camera, with two darts clearly visible.

It’s nice and firm, if a little lumpy, and will be very useful for ironing curved seams. I put wool on one side, in the event I need to iron wool, and the cotton twill on this side is for ironing every other fibre.

The tailor's ham is on a wood surface, wool side up. (The wool is a navy-and-white striped zigzag.) Next to the tailor's ham is a large book, 'The Dressmaker's Companion' by Elizabeth M Haywood.

This is the book I got the pattern from – it is fantastic, would highly recommend if you want to expand your sewing skills.

Hazel has also been busy in Fierro’s – she’s been working out what to put on the walls.

Hazel stands in Fierro's front room. The camera is looking over her shoulder at one of the marble-topped tables, which she's pulled into the corner. There are three square canvases on the table-top, and she has a hand to her chin in thought.

I think we’ll need a few more pieces of art.

Hazel stands in the corner of Fierro's front room. The table is beside her, with the three canvases on it as before. She has a hand to her chin and the other on her hip as she looks up at the plain pink walls.

We’ve got a lot of wall space to cover.” I agree, Hazel! There’s three walls to fill, and the store opens at the end of the month. Best get started!

Anyways, see ya!


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