New Shelves

The ‘whimsification’ of Needle & Thread continues, because I finished the new shelves!

Photo shows one of the walls in Needle & Thread, on which are two wooden shelving units filled with baskets, craft books and magazines, and a few cacti. Above them hangs two decorative quilt prints.

I did not end up painting the design on the sides, because you wouldn’t have seen it anyway, but I do like the swoopy endpiece detail.

Detail shot of the wooden shelves on Needle & Thread's grey wall. The two shelves of each shelving unit have been emptied. The shot is angled so that the smooth, detailed shapes of the end pieces are visible.

These baskets were made for the shelves, too. They’re made from some old prop ‘moving boxes’ floating around my workspace from a few years ago, which I trimmed down and made a few extras of.

Tiffany looks at the right-hand shelving unit from the left of the image. She wears a sleeveless patterned shirt. This shelf has craft books, craft magazines in baskets, and a couple of cacti on it. Some of the books are facing out, on wire display stands.

The right-hand ones have magazines in them, and the left-hand baskets will (eventually) be filled with yarn skeins.

Tiffany places one of the brown baskets onto Needle & Thread's workbench, accompanying the one already there. The basket in her arms has craft magazines in, and the other basket is full of yarn skeins.
Another shot of the two shelving units, full of stuff again. This is from a slightly different angle, and one can see the yarn basket shelf has five baskets and a cacti on it. Two of the baskets have yarn in them.

My favourite thing about them is how detailed they are – there’s so much to look at on them, especially once the yarn baskets are full. Next step in transforming this store is the back wall – bright blue doesn’t quite work with dark wood, unfortunately!

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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