A Good All-Rounder

I saw a round white bag in a magazine a few years ago, made of coiled rope, and I thought, “That’d look great as a miniature bag.” Fast forward to last week, and it’s complete!

Hazel stands against a white brick background. The camera focuses on her hands at waist level, which are holding a small circular crocheted bag.

I crocheted it with a 1mm hook, making two circles with sides before stitching about half the circumference together. Then I braided some black and white string for the handle and the little closure loop on top.

Close-up shot of the crocheted bag on a pale wood surface. The bag is at an angle, so one can see the two sides sewn together, as well as one side of the black-and-white strap where it attaches near the opening. A small black-and-white loop is stitched onto the top of the bag as a closure.

I thought it would be the sort of thing Hazel would use, and being black and white, it would go with all colours.

Hazel stands on grass, with taller, wilder grass behind her and the sea in the background. The camera focuses on her hands, which cradle the round white bag that's over her shoulder.

We took it on holidays for a photoshoot – it’s the sort of thing I can see Hazel using for a day trip somewhere sunny.

Hazel stands against a background of mulch and hedge, angled away from the camera. She has the white bag slung over her shoulder, and a hand rests against it like one would when walking. Her green braids descend down her back.

Just big enough for essentials, and some snacks, of course.

Hazel smiles at the camera, hand resting on top of the white bag. She is standing in front of a mulched garden bed with a hedge behind her, wearing a pink checked pinafore dress with a khaki dress underneath.

Crocheting with a 1mm hook is quite taxing, but it turns out the perfect scale for the girls. Maybe if Tiffany wants one, I could make it stripy….

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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