Needle & Thread Updates

Some small things have changed in Needle & Thread recently.

Interior of Needle & Thread. In the foreground is the white front counter, with cash register and two pencils on it. On the back wall is a teal-curtained doorway and a semi-circular embroidery. The curtain covers most of the doorway.

Namely, it now has a back room, and a doorway to access it! It would be great if the curtain was the complete width of the doorway, but I do like the tiny peek you get into the back room through the gaps.

Close-up of the doorway, with the curtain raised. Behind the curtain is a hand-drawn 'back room', with a wooden shelving unit on one wall, smaller wood shelves on the back wall, and a wooden table with stools around it. The smaller shelves hold assorted mis-matched mugs.

There’s a little table for snacks back there, and a shelf for stock storage, presumably.

Tiffany emerges from the back room, curtian lifting as she walks through the doorway. She holds a bolt of fabric in one arm, and uses the other to manipulate the curtain. She wears colourful pants and a sleeveless shirt.

There is also a new shelf above the pattern drawers, with a hand-turned sewing machine, a pot plant, and a button jar on.

Tiffany stands beside the pattern drawers in Needle & Thread. She has a bolt of fabric in one arm, and the other hand on a top drawer. Above her on the wall is a wooden shelf with a hand-turned sewing machine, a pot plant, some art, and a button jar on.

This artwork is one of the free wallpapers published by Make and Tell, and I thought this knitting one was appropriate for a craft store.

Close-up of the shelf above the pattern drawers. Left-to-right are the hand-turned sewing machine, the pot plant, the button jar, and the art. The art is a pair of hands knitting floral stems together, which fall down into a heart shape on a pink background.
Sarah and Tiffany stand by the pattern drawers in Needle & Thread. Tiffany holds a bolt of fabric in her arm, and smiles at Sarah. Sarah has her satchel over her shoulder, and is smiling back.

Next steps for whimsification are the front counter and the old fat quarter shelves. I’m procrastinating doing these shelves because I spent so long hand-drawing all the fat quarters and their hangers, but what will go there will look so much better. I’ve just got to get in and do it.

Anyways, see ya!

Yves (FillieFanatic)

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